BitTacklr is the trading name of Yves Reynhout. With close to twenty years of experience in software development, it was finally time to take matters into his own hands and stand on his own two feet. He is now an independent consultant.

He is at your service for projects and teams that require knowledge of Domain Driven Design (DDD), Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS), Event Sourcing (ES), and/or Messaging. It's been said he knows his way around C# and the Microsoft .NET Framework, with a strong focus on Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and Test Driven Development (TDD), all while keeping a tab on what's happening in the language, storage, distributed computing and open source space.

He likes challenging business domains, tackling complex problems, coming up with good enough designs and evolving them over time. He values communication, visualisation, volatile documentation and balanced team dynamics. Make him an offer he can't resist ...

About his work

Past work involved building web-native, multi-user products with enterprise scale features such as high configurability by end users, authentication & authorization, printing & reporting, integration with third parties & devices using both messaging and remote procedure calls. He analyzed, designed, documented, fleshed out models, architected solutions into bite-sized portions, wrote automated test specifications at the unit, integration, story, and UI level, wrote code at every layer and tier in the stack, scripted deployments and engaged in the operational side of running software at customer sites, all in order to satisfy requirements and customer happiness.

As a technical and team lead, he bridged the gap between product owner, technology, team, problems and solutions. Facilitator during agile planning meetings, teacher during coding dojos, presenter during knowledge transfer sessions, are but a few of his past efforts. It's safe to say that, throughout his career, teaching and learning have been the only constants.

About his OSS work

He's the author of AggregateSource, an opinionated library that helps with authoring eventsourced domain models. It covers topics such as the mechanics of eventsourcing, how to write decoupled and maintainable scenarios, and integrations with existing and custom event stores. Another library by his hand is Projac, showing off a declarative style to writing event projections targeting a relational database, though the principles can be applied to other types of backing stores as well. Each of these projects sprouted from hands on experience and is being copied into other libraries and frameworks, the biggest form of flattery one can receive.

Most of his OSS work is meant as a learning exercise, both for himself and others. When it comes to infrastructure code, he likes to work out in the open. Chances are the work is reusable in other products and/or projects, even if the form is not an exact match ... sharing is caring. Have a look for yourself over on GitHub.